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5 star quality tree care services

Since 2014, White Oak Tree Care Inc. has been dedicated to providing quality tree service at a reasonable price. Our employees work as a team and are respectful of you and your property. We take pride in the work we do and understand the high level of responsibility that comes with it. View our tree care services

We have over 80+ reviews with 5 star ratings! See what our customers are saying about our services. Let our tree care experts take care of your next project. We are locally owned and operated  and will do it right the first time!

We Do It All When It Comes To Tree Care

highest rated tree care services

tree removal

Trust our experienced professionals to remove your trees quickly and safely.

tree trimming

A safe and beautiful yard starts with healthy, trimmed, and pruned trees.

stump grinding

Give your yard a cleaner appearance and make room for new planting.

tree healthcare

Maintaining strong trees is much easier than nursing sick trees back to health.

Consult with our master arborist to see which services will promote the well-being of your wonderful living assets.

master aborists

When it comes to tree planting, choosing a tree to plant, and knowing where to plant the tree. Our tree care specialists will work with you to plant a tree species that will thrive in your residential home’s landscape and climate.

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Our highly trained crews are available 24/7 to remove trees from even the most hazardous situations.

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Prompt and complete tree services for contractors, businesses, municipalities and homeowners associations

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For very large trees, hazardous trees or jobs with limited access, a crane is sometimes the most efficient and safest removal method.

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From cable bracing and crane services to winter weather prep and regular maintenance, we’re here to help all year round!

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