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Cabling & Bracing

Cables can be installed for two reasons: to reduce the risk of failure of multi-trunked trees with weak attachments or to prevent failure of weak branches. Installing cabling and bracing hardware can reduce the risk of these trunks or limbs breaking and can extend the life of the tree. Cabling can increase the strength and stability of weak branches or stems.

Tree Cabling And Bracing Techniques | White Oak Tree Care Inc.

Services Include:

What Are Cables for?

Cables are only installed after an inspection and evaluation of your tree by one of our certified arborist, who will determine if cabling and bracing, is the best option for the tree. For some hazardous limbs or trees, pruning or removal is the safest choice.

Cables are attached to bolts and are installed in the upper canopy of a tree between stems or branches. The purpose of this of hardware is to provide support during high wind and storms and to limit the movement of the supported stems or branches so they are less likely to break under stress.

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