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We are proud to say 85% of our work comes from repeat customers. You can expect promptly returned phone calls, courteous service, and timely completion of White Oak Tree Care, Inc. is committed to the long term health and wellness of your trees.

Our team of professionals understand that proper tree care has a large impact on the safety of your family and the natural beauty of your property. Consult with our master arborist to see which services will promote the well-being of your wonderful living assets.


An unbelievable reality for nearly every homeowner, tree removal is the most hazardous aspect of tree care. Work with our certified professionals that are committed to safety above everything else and are available at highly competitive prices.

Services Include:


Trimming is essential to maintaining the health of any tree. Our Master Arborist knows exactly what time of year and which techniques are best to keep your trees thriving.


Our heavy-duty stump grinders clear the way for you to finally put in that new garden or start building that new fence.


Just as you change the oil in your car before it starts rumbling, Tree Healthcare means maintaining the viability of your trees before (potentially costly) problems arise.

You don’t need to be a Master Arborist to observe the following symptoms of a sick tree. If you suspect your tree is sick, contact our office today for a free estimate and evaluation by one of our certified tree care specialists.


When it comes to tree planting, choosing a tree to plant, and knowing where to plant the tree. Our tree care specialists will work with you to plant a tree species that will thrive in your residential home’s landscape and climate.


Equipped with specialized skills and only the highest quality safety gear, our 24-hour crew is ready when disaster falls.  When you need emergency service, White Oak Tree Care Inc will be there!


White Oak Tree Care Inc. provides a variety of commercial services including land clearing for large projects, city wide tree trimming and removal, brush clean up and subdivision maintenance.  Our master arborist can meet you for an on site estimate or can work from your site plans and tree specifications.


For very large trees, hazardous trees or jobs with limited access, a crane is sometimes the most efficient and safest removal method. A professional consultation will determine if a crane is right for your job and if it is the best option for you.


Cables can be installed for two reasons: to reduce the risk of failure of multi-trunked trees with weak attachments or to prevent failure of weak branches. Installing cabling and bracing hardware can reduce the risk of these trunks or limbs breaking and can extend the life of the tree. Cabling can increase the strength and stability of weak branches or stems.

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